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FULL PRESENCE® psycho-somatic support combines fascia therapeutic care with dialogue to support a person/group

Ingrid André


My name is Ingrid. I have lived in Helsinki since 2006 (from Belgium originally). I am educated as a practitioner in a unique practice called FULL PRESENCE® / Danis Bois Method at the cross road of psychotherapy, physiotherapy and care. (as well as being a dancer and visual artist, yoga teacher and mother)

4 tools are used during sessions (depending on the need) 1. manual fascia treatment on a table (non-manipulative) > instantly soothing, deeply regenerating / 2. Dialogue (before + during+ after) 3. sensorial movement (Simple exercises sitting on a chair during I guide with my words and hands) 4. meditative moments to find the body again and recenter.

There is a vital force running through the fascia tissues and through touch and deep release, new sensations in the body can build new references for the person , build a relationship to her body and even reveal new potential (regarding her personal life or professional life for ex.) It feels like meeting yourself in a whole new way!

'Learn from and with the body'

The practice can be used to support a person through stress or difficult situations, to create a deeper connection to herself or others, via her body, and as a group practice to build presence, stability, grounding, improve communication skills or strengthen the group with a human caring bodily approach. It is based on Human Science research and has been used in Canada, France, Belgium, Netherlands by psychotherapists, social workers, physios, and even artists. 

Benefits: Tension release (mental, physical, emotional ), a new outlook on a situation, on oneself, Regain of vital energy, ease and trust deeply from the body and improved confidence in front of others....

Palvelut ja hinnat

Individual session in Helsinki center (or at your home if mobility is an issue) , price 55 e (1st timer), 75 e / 90 min , 195 e / 3 x card (valid/voimassa 6 kk,). 

Group weekly practice on Wednesdays 17.15-18.30 at Sweet Spot Studio Helsinki, Unioninkatu 7, 2 kerros (hissi) >

Price 20 e / drop, 90 e / 5 x card, 160 e / 10 x card 

For my workshops please check my instagram

If you wish to organise a course, a workshop or invite me to participate in an event (in Helsinki or elsewhere in Finland), please don't hesitate to contact me.

HUOM I speak Finnish, Swedish, English and French so language is not a problem for me!

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0451121590 (+ whats app)

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